The second stage of the project

A few weeks ago we learned that we had been successful in securing further funding for the second part of our Experiencing the Social Work World project. Obtaining this funding was important for us as we wanted to make sure that we created an exhibition that engaged more critically with members of the public. We realised that just exhibiting artwork alongside the narratives of the social workers who took part in the study limited the potential of the work our participants had produced. If we were going to seriously offer visitors the opportunity to experience what ‘being’ a social worker means and what ‘doing’ social work entails we realised that we needed to use the exhibition space more effectively.

Our further funding will be used therefore to do a range of different things which aim to develop the sensory and affective dimension of our participants’ visual narratives. So rather than simply tell the lived experiences of those who do social work, we want to take visitors on a journey into the social work world. To do this, we have lined up a number of events which we hope will generate more interaction between the exhbition, us and our audience. Not only will we (me, Lisa and Matt) be present on different days to give behind the scenes tours and to talk about our own experiences of doing this project/ social work but we have also invited different people from different backgrounds to come and talk about their experiences of social work and explore their views and interpretations of the artwork displayed. After each talk we hope to open up the discussion with visitors to the exhibition to debate the current issues in social work and to critically consider some of the themes that emerge as a result.

In the next few months, we will be planning and organising aspects of the exhibition so, if you are interested in learning more, do please keep an eye on this space. In the meantime make a note in your diary that exhibition starts 8th of April 2017 and ends 18th of June 2017.


  1. Lorna Warren

    Wonderful to see the project not only coming to fruition but also securing further funding. Your visual snippets here on the site are so enticing. Sadly, I can’t make the event on 12 April but I will be visiting under my own steam for sure. And I’ll be insisting friends come with me!


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