27th of May: Arts Workshop with people who have had social work intervention

The Experiencing the Social Work World exhibition launched at the People’s History Museum on Wednesday 12th of April 2017.  The exhibition displays artwork and aural narratives from the social work participants who took part in the project last year. The overall aim of this part of the project was to explore the lived experiences of ‘being a social worker’ with the objective being to raise the public’s awareness of the cultural issues social workers face when doing social work.

However, we recognise that social work is experienced by more than just social workers. The aim of the follow up workshop, therefore, is to offer visitors to the exhibition an opportunity to explore their experiences of social work. We think that there may be members of the public who visit the exhibition and wish to respond to the artwork they see by using art to express their experiences of social work. As this project’s overarching title is ‘Experiencing the social work world’ we feel that the experiences of other people, who may or may not have had social work intervention, are also important and need to be considered. We would therefore like to offer a one day workshop to those people who wish to use art to tell their story.

If you would like to take part, please follow the link and reserve a place:

27th of May Workshop