About Matthew Morriss

I trained as an Industrial Designer and worked for over 13 years in practice before discovering teaching.  Whilst working at home as a carer, I took part-time work as a learning support assistant at a local FE college.  Supporting adults with specific learning needs opened my eyes to a world that seemed more ‘real’ than the one consisting of money, status and stuff. The focus on the ‘product’ of product design was knocked out of me and I couldn’t, nor wanted to, go back. Design should begin and end with people. Helping young people develop design skills is rewarding and as stimulating as designing first-hand.
I taught the things I had picked up: Animation and Web-design as well as Product and 3D design. The sort of design I had practiced as professional had been multidisciplinary. If a job needed a certain skill then you put your hand up and volunteered (then rushed back and quickly acquired the skills and special knowledge needed).
In a stroke of good fortune I applied and was accepted to become a Lecturer at the University of Salford. I led the Interior Design course for a significant period. Latterly, I have taken over the Programme Leadership of a new course in Design as a human centred discipline independent practice.
Designs and designers are formed through praxis –the embodiment of the activity. Doing, in other words. Book leaning is very useful, but at the boundaries designers are looking for ideas without precedent. These moments of creative mystery make the ineffable core of the process both beguiling and elusive.
In working with Lisa and Jad I have learnt that some of the methods we take for granted in the Visual Arts can be a revelation to those in other fields. And in turn, I have discovered that the honed intuitions and deep empathy of social workers make them excellent artists and designers – they just don’t know it until they have the opportunity to try it.
Research Interests
Traditional and Digital image making for 3D Designers
Computer assisted methods of teaching and learning for 3D Designers
Drawing as a way of seeing in common
Qualifications and Memberships
BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design – Industrial Design (Engineering )
PGCE Bolton University